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If you are inquiring about renting tables please read the following:

Inside tables: Are made up of 3 tables. the back wall has a 2x8 table, then there is a 2x6 foot table connecting the back wall table to the front table. The front table is a 4x8 foot table, to see a picture of how it is set up click here.  this configuration is considered 1 booth and it runs $30.00 a week. we except cash and check at the moment. 


outside tables are as follows - we have 175 tables that are priced at $5 a table first come first serve. They are located at the front by road, back along the wood line, left side along the road way and right side back row. The right side front row are grandfathered in reserves(these tables can not be used) as well as $10 a day spots at first come first serve (these tables have a black painted top with a red $10 symbol painted on them)

there are also 2 $60 spots at the right corner by roadway (for bigger trailer vehicles) and a few $15 and $20 spots on the far left parking lot for better convenience.


If you can not find a place to set up manager is usually in the building at 5:30am and will help any way possible.


Hours of operation

INSIDE: Fri 10:30AM to 3PM and Sat & Sun 8:00AM to 5:00PM

OUTSIDE: Fri, Sat and Sun 6AM to 5PM (people get there to set up on sat vary early keep this in mind)

Thank you and have a nice day.

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